Before I forget, did 65 minutes on the treadmill, jogging for 25 minutes (two sets of 10, one set of five). Even though it’s shark week and my body is very confused by all the different pains that are going on right now.

Weirdest feeling in the world… Ready? … You’re starving, so your stomach hurts. It’s shark week. Your uterus hurts. You really need to go to the bathroom. Your colon/bladder hurt. I didn’t know what to do first, so I made dinner and waited to see which urge trumped the others.

Anyway, I am a champ! Even if I ate a jelly doughnut and forced myself to start my workout. At least I finished it feeling great!

4.3 miles on the treadmill today. Ran for my longest consecutive time, 10 minutes, running for 24 minutes in total. I didn’t run yesterday, only walked. My feet weren’t cooperating, but also I was wearing new shoes. Also, I’ve got three days left for 30DS. I’m excited to finish it and start insanity on Saturday. Fit test. We’ll see haha. I’m determined to do it, which is what’s important. I’m also determined to keep running, despite the heel/ankle problems I’m having. I looked into it, and it’s probably only because I’m new to it and because I run on my forefoot, but have a heavy heel strike when I walk.

I really lacked motivation over the weekend. I was dead tired and spent a lot of time curled up in bed or curled up on the couch under a blanket watching Sherlock. I took one day’s worth of workout and stretched it over two days, so I guess I just look a rest day, without really resting. Anyway, that’s why I splurged and bought myself new shoes. Because nothing makes me pumped to keep working out like the novelty of new things :)

I’m also one day behind on my squats. No big deal, since it’s technically a 20-day challenge. I’m probably just going to do them for the entire month, because I like them.

I’ve also started jumping rope a little bit. Not sure whether I need the extra cardio, but I’m only doing a few minutes of it anyway.

Treadmill for 65 minutes (28 minutes jogging, 4.25 miles), 30ds (I’m getting better at side planks), 50 squats, and a little extra work with weights to try to build upper body strength.

30ds, 65 minutes on the treadmill (4.1 miles, 19.5 minutes jogging), 50 squats, two sets reps weights for arms, a few extra practice rounds of the exercises I’m having trouble with in 30ds… Side plank things, for example. Not sure what my problem is, but I can’t seem to figure them out.

Anyone have any side plank tips? Form or otherwise?

May 8, Day 21


I’ll get over it, I promise.

65 minutes on the treadmill, 4.03 miles.

50 planks.

AND I resisted going out for fish and chips with my parents.

May 7

Blogging from the floor again. 30ds, 65 minutes on the treadmill (17 minutes jogging, 4.03 miles), and 50 squats.

Start level 3 in the morning, so I’m going to try to get a good night’s rest. Niiight!

May 6

30DS. One day left on level 2! So excited to see what level 3 is like, since I either never made it that far last time or I just don’t remember… Not sure. Did 66 minutes on the treadmill, with 16 minutes of jogging. 4.01 miles :) Also did 50 squats. Rest day for plank challenge. I’m okay with that. I don’t like planks much.

Also, my left shoulder is all messed up. I only notice it when I’m on the ground doing pushups or plank jacks or whatever. It’s like it starts to cramp up and go numb or something. Not sure. I just keep stretching it out. Hopefully it resolves itself, because I don’t know what else to do.

May 5

30DS, 35 seconds planks on elbows, 50 squats. It’s been a long day. Went shopping and came back with a mother’s day present, a birthday present for my dad, and a new coat, which I got on sale for $27.

May 4

Tonight I’m blogging from my yoga mat on the living room floor. I think I might just sleep here tonight. Just finished my workout. 30ds, 65 minutes on the treadmill, 30 second forearm planks, 50 squats, 30 second hand planks, a little bit of ab work. I’m tired.

In other news, I finished reading The Hunger Games. I promptly threw a fit when I was done. Susan Collins, or whatever her name is, makes Stephanie Meyer look like a fucking laureate. I would read a sentence multiple times and it wouldn’t make sense, you have to read the whole paragraph as context to work out what she’s saying. The story isn’t bad, I get why it’s so popular. But jeez. Sure, Katniss is a strong female character, but the bitch is dumb as fuck.

Ugh, anyway, I intend to go buy the second book tomorrow. Because this drivel has to get better.

May 3, Day 16

35 minutes on the treadmill (2.35 miles). 30DS level 2, day 6. Extra ab work. 30 seconds of planks on elbows, 30 seconds on hands. 50 squats. 

I’m tired. Note to self: Never do treadmill before 30DS.

I’m almost too tired to blog. I need to lay down.

May 2

50 squats, 20 seconds of planks on forearms, and 20 seconds of planks on hands. I also did Jillian Michael’s Extreme Shed and Shred level 1. That was a whole lot of what the fuck. I finished it no problem, but some of those moves I just can’t get a grasp of. I’m not coordinated, obviously. My mom got on the treadmill right as I was finishing up ESS so I did the squats, planks, and some extra ab work since 30DS level 2 seems to be lacking in that area. Ugh, she spends all day at home and can go on it whenever she wants, but decides to use it during my workout time. Woman needs to get her shit together.

Also, I probably ate about 2 pounds of carrots today. No joke. And about half a cucumber. But I also ate some plain chips and a hot dog at dinner. Jeez, the shit my parents eat. My day always goes just fine until I have to eat a meal with them, then shit just goes out the window. Oh well. Tomorrow I’m going out for lunch with the girls for Vietnamese. I think I’m going to get pho to cut down on the calories. Usually I order the ever-delicious #42… Mmm, 5 types of grilled meat and vermicelli.

Bring on the hot sauce!

May 1

50 squats, 20 seconds of planks on forearms, and 20 seconds of planks on hands. I can’t count in seconds, so I count in deep breaths. Whether this equates to 20 seconds is beyond me, but it’s a measure nonetheless.

Because I didn’t get to go on the treadmill today. I only just got home. Sigh. Oh well. we must make sacrifices to hang out with our friends on their birthday.

Hi everyone!!! May 1st! Day 1 of 1000 squats in 20 days!
If you want to join at any point during the 20 days you have to make up for the days that you haven’t squatted. The end date is the 20th of May no exceptions! 
Thank you to all those that have logged in their 50 squats for today! Well done!!
To everyone else who hasn’t yet! Make sure you do!! I will be checking up on all of you no matter what!
Tag your post with “ironangel”!! That why i can check, i you haven’t i will check all the blogs that have liked or reblogged the “challenge post”.
Pass on the message and get as many people as you can involved!!! 
This is not a hard challenge! 50 bodyweight squats / 20 days. 
YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Some of you might be sore, so i suggest ice packs and deep heat creams at the ready!
Remember that you may be sore the first week. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and remember you don’t have to do the 50 squats all in one go and that they can be spread out throughout the day!!
Goodluck! Check the “ironangel” tag as i will post motivation onto there and also gives you the chance to check out other peoples fitness blogs!
Much love! xx