Pure Cardio today. I guess at this point I’m working out two days, resting one day. Because tomorrow I won’t get to workout because I’ll be at Sean’s all day. But hopefully Saturday I’ll get to fit in a workout in the morning. I workout when I can and am in the mood. I don’t have to workout 6-7 days every week to see progress, so I’m not going to beat myself up about being too lazy or tired or just generally not motivated some days.

Cardio Recovery and SWSP today.

I know some of you guys play The Sims… I haven’t played since kind of like the original version… Which ones are you playing? Want to download something to waste time while I go finish my workout.

Sims 3 seems to have the most seeds, but holy jeez look at all those different ones. Like are they expansion packs like they used to have, so you have to download the original first or…?

Oh jeez, I forgot how difficult Insanity is. Plyo Cardio done. Going to have an apple with greek yogurt mixed with PB2 for my post workout snack, then shower and head over to Sean’s. Have a great weekend, everyone!

6W6P 1/1 done. I need to remember to NOT look at my stomach while doing any move remotely resembling plank pose, including side planks. Because it looks 100x worse than it is. Ugh. I don’t understand how I can be at a point where people think I should stop losing weight and working out, but have the flabbiest stomach ever.

Anyway. Working on it. Excuse my obsession with my stomach fat.

Insanity Plyo Cardio is next. But first, a twenty minute tumblr break. I do, however, promise to do it, even if I don’t post that I have.

It’s Sean’s race weekend, so I’m going to be at the track all weekend. No workout tomorrow, which is sad since I just started this new workout schedule. Hopefully I have time/energy to workout Sunday night… after Father’s Day celebrations… Eek. Well, I can hope.

Okay, I guess instead of doing yoga I made up a schedule of workouts for me to follow. Obviously this isn’t including rest days, because my rest days are always impromptu. Join in if you feel like! Including Insanity and Jillian Michael’s Six Week Six Pack

Insanity Day 1: Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Yeah, I’m doing this again. I got good results with it, so I’m revisiting it.

Trying to work off all the shit I put in my mouth today. Snack days at work are terrible.

Also, I’ve started using Google Calendar to keep track of my workouts. It’s a lot easier than here, because my text posts get buried in all the reblogs and random text posts. I’ll post here as well, it’s just so that I know where I am and what I’m doing next.

Going to take a short break and then do SWSP L1/D4. Not happening. Too tired.

Insanity is a good substitute for straight up cardio, so I feel slightly better about myself.

Reasons why I stay away from facebook…

I’ve decided to start the second month of Insanity when I get back from vacation. I just don’t have it in me right now to jump around like a maniac.

Ran 3.3 miles. Gonna take a shower and do some yoga. Get my meditation on.

See you bitches never ;)

When Shaun T. tells me to stick out my belly…


*focuses really hard, trying to relax abdominals after two months of learning to hold them tight constantly*

*finally gets them to relax*


That is the single most difficult, time consuming exercise. All for fucking breathing.

Fuck you, Shaun T., I can’t relax my abdominals anymore.

Hold on, I’m giddy, and it’s got nothing to do with my bad ass cardio workout.

Insanity Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs. Did it. Fuck yeah.

Sure, I used my breaks to text a guy. But still.

This guy. Yeah. I’m pretty excited at wherever it’s going.

He came through my work, but I never got the chance to talk to him. So I creeped his file, got his phone number, and texted him. He’s happy I did it, I’m happy I did it. I definitely love everything I know about him so far, including his sense of humour. Because most guys I talk to are seriously lacking a sense of humour.

I’ve only been talking to him for a couple hours… It took a few messages to explain who I was and how I got his number lol. But I’m happy.

Don’t fuck this up, Kim.

My day started out shitty, but it’s certainly going to end fabulously.

Insanity Day 18 today

Cardio… Recovery? Sigh, okay, my glutes are (not) ready for more squats, but oh well. Let’s do this.

Seriously, they’re like the only part of my body that is consistently sore after each workout. I guess that’s cool, building butt muscle. It’s no fun having a small ass, let me tell you.

Things I didn’t want to do today:

  • Pure Cardio
  • Cardio Abs

Things I did today:

  • Pure Cardio
  • Cardio Abs

Things I’m still going to do today:

  • Life weights
  • Take a shower
  • Make Coconut Rice with Mango (Khao Niaow Ma Muang)

Things I was supposed to but didn’t do this weekend:

  • Buy honey (I’ve resorted to brown sugar for sweetening my yogurt). Oh. And Hummus. I want hummus BAD.
  • Pay car registration (OOOOOPS lol)
  • Pickup maps for road trip

No running today. Gonna give my calves a break.