Blueberry Pancakes

(via Citrus-Pumpkin Seed Crusty Spelt Brown Bread. Yeast-Free.)

Spiced Sweet Potato Donuts

spicy black beans with avocado, coriander, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, red onion & sprouts on a wholemeal wrap

Pumpkin Pancakes

From @saladpride on Instagram: “Special dressings n.5. Lemon cream (Lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and grinded almonds) carrot, pears, almonds, kale. #raw #salad #vegan #vegetarian #veganshare #veganfoodporn #veganfood #rawfood #healthyfood #cleaneats #eatclean #foodie #foodporn #foodshare #saladporn #saladpride”

Curried kabocha squash soup with pumpkin seeds, cilantro and dried red chilis. This soup is so easy to make and so delicious. Kabocha is hands down my favorite squash. Sautee onion in oil until translucent, add garlic, ginger, and red chili flakes. Add 1 small tblspn yellow curry powder. Let cook on low heat for a few minutes. Add diced, peeled squash and coat with onion mixture allowing to cook for a few more minutes.Cover with vegetable stock and let simmer until squash is very tender. Let cool and transfer to a blender. Return to pot and add milk to reach desired consistency. I used almond milk but coconut works too, or just more stock. Season with salt and pepper, garnish and serve.