I was going to go for a run, but then it was 10PM, so I guess it’s just a workout today because it’s too late to be running on the treadmill. Let’s hope exercise inspiration strikes me again tomorrow.

My ass is tiny and super depressing. Time to start adding butt exercises into my life. What’s your favourite butt exercise?

It’s been five months since I started eating right and exercising… Already?

Okay, so I’m not really exercising anymore since school started, but I feel really guilty about that. I also feel really guilty about not studying more, even though that’s pretty much all I ever do.

I’m officially 10 pounds away from my original UGW. 40 lbs in 5 months. I honestly never thought it would be so… quick? Easy? Don’t get me wrong, I put in a lot of effort and went hard for several months, it just wasn’t as hard as so many people make it out to be. I blame it on my objective world perspective and self-control.

I don’t even know what to do with this whole weight issue anymore, especially not now that I’m just 10 pounds away from my UGW. I don’t feel like I’m anywhere close to being satisfied with my body.

I’m happy with it, I’m just not satisfied. Like this is some deeper ultimate happiness I’m talking about, where I can look in the mirror and be like, Yes. This is perfect to me. I don’t mean perfect by the media’s standards, I just want proportion and a flat tummy while keeping some of the softness, because I like that about myself. Maybe the last 10 pounds will make a difference. The 10 before that certainly didn’t. I don’t know. I’m just hoping to make it through this school year without gaining any of it back. If at the end of April 2013, when I convocate the fuck across that stage, I want to be able to say that my weight is no higher than it is right now.

To me, it feels like losing weight is easy, but maintaining will be a real challenge. Like there’s some tiny ledge between losing weight and gaining weight and being able to tippy toe on that thing is not going to be easy. I’m sure it will be, I have only lost weight and maintained since I turned 19, it just seems like allowing myself the freedom to eat more calories is going to make be feel like a failure. Obviously I’m a bit of a control freak, whatever.

I kind of just want to fast forward to next summer, reassess my weight and my appearance, and get back into the business of making myself strong and fit. Because my muscles twitch and ache for hard exercise, but there’s this whole hierarchy of guilt that is forcing me to not, to just eat as cleanly as possible, because that doesn’t interfere with my education.

Anyway, I’m going to enjoy my final year of school. Because fuck you, fuck the world, and fuck my own fucked up opinions of myself. I look great, I feel great, I’m the smallest I’ve ever been, I’m smaller than my friends, I’m in a happy and healthy relationship, I’m enjoying all of my classes, and for once I’m not falling behind in my studies.

Society can suck on that, that’s for sure.

Sometimes I have my priorities right, and as guilty as I feel, I think now is one of those times. My fitness can be put on the back burner, but my last year of university will come and go whether I’m studying or not.

To drink or not to drink to drink recommendations: the evidence

An important consequence of drinking to thirst is that a substantial body mass loss is likely to occur.9 However, drinking according to the dictate of thirst throughout a marathon seems to confer no major disadvantage over drinking to replace all fluid losses,11 and there is no evidence that full fluid replacement is superior to drinking to thirst.11 A meta-analysis of cycling studies concluded that drinking either more or less than to thirst impairs exercise performance.12 This analysis also found that up to a 4% body mass loss did not alter out of door cycling performance. Nor do the world’s best marathoners maintain their body mass within current recommended ranges of 2-3% during successful marathon racing. This evidence and the finding that the athletes who lose the most body mass during marathon or ultra-marathon races and Ironman triathlons are usually the most successful, would suggest that there exists a tolerable range for dehydration that may not negatively impact on running performance. Perhaps this mass loss might even confer an advantage by preventing a substantial increase in body mass because of the “overconsumption” of large volumes of fluid.

Mythbusting sports and exercise products

Bottom line: urine colour as a measure of hydration

  • General public—Evidence is lacking to suggest that urine colour is a useful, safe, or accurate marker of hydration

  • Professional athletes—Limited evidence to show that first morning urine colour can be reliably used to assess dehydration and rehydration

  • Required research—A high quality study evaluating the use of urine colour in detecting hydration with blinding of participants and researchers to other assessment tools when measuring urine colour. Ideally this should look at the relation between urine colour and other markers of hydration including thirst and body mass

Bottom line: drinking ahead of thirst

  • General public—Drinking ahead of thirst may worsen performance in endurance exercise and carries a rare but serious risk of hyponatraemia. The body’s internal mechanism for staying hydrated is cheaper, easier, and seems to be the best way to optimise performance

  • Professional athletes—Elite endurance athletes perform best when they drink to thirst; some studies suggest exercise induced dehydration can improve performance

  • Required research—A high quality randomised trial measuring the performance effects of different hydration regimes during shorter exercise (sprint-type) would determine whether the results of systematic reviews are generalisable beyond endurance athletes

Bottom line: energy drinks containing caffeine and other stimulants

  • General public—Low quality evidence supports the use of energy drinks containing caffeine, taurine, or guarana to improve acute strength performance and aerobic and anaerobic endurance. No studies compare the effectiveness of these products with ingesting caffeine alone and there are important concerns regarding harms

  • Professional athletes—Limited, low quality evidence supports the use of energy drinks containing caffeine, taurine, or guarana to improve endurance in moderate intensity activity of around 60 minutes. No studies compare the effectiveness of these products with ingesting caffeine alone and there are important concerns regarding harms

  • Required research—High quality randomised trials in real-world settings evaluating the comparative effectiveness of energy drinks and caffeine alone on sports performance

Bottom line: protein and carbohydrate supplements

  • General public—There is a lack of evidence to support combined carbohydrate and protein supplements after exercise to improve recovery and reduce muscle breakdown

  • Professional athletes—The results of studies of supplements containing a variety of carbohydrate to protein ratios show inconsistent and generally small benefits in some measures of sports performance, but generally do not show benefits over and above a balanced and nutritious diet

  • Required research—High quality randomised controlled trials evaluating specific ratios of carbohydrates and proteins that are adequately powered to detect a meaningful increase in subsequent sports performance

Bottom line: branched chain amino acids

  • General public—High quality evidence is lacking that branched chain amino acids enhance performance or recovery

  • Professional athletes—There is no evidence that branched chain amino acids enhance performance in competitive settings. There is limited evidence to suggest that muscle soreness and recovery may be reduced and that longer term supplementation may increase some strength and endurance measures

  • Required research—High quality large randomised trials evaluating the effect on outcomes that are directly relevant to athletes, such as run times or maximal weight lifts in the competitive setting

Bottom line: compression garments

  • General public—There is a lack of evidence to support use of compression garments to improve sporting performance. They may reduce muscle soreness if worn for 24 hours after an exercise session

  • Professional athletes—There is no consistent evidence that compression garments improve sporting performance. Muscle soreness seems to be reduced if garments are worn for 24 hours after exercise, but objective measures of recovery are less consistent, and compression garments seem to work no better than other recovery strategies such as low grade exercise or contrast bathing. Potential adverse effects of these garments may include increased skin temperature, decreased thermoregulation, and reduced range of motion

  • Required research—Larger studies in individual sports and research generalisable to either highly trained athletes or the general population, with outcomes related to sports performance, and examination of adverse effects and acceptability of compression garments

(Source: bmj.com)

Looking for my Northern brothers and sisters who are into fitness :)

Jogged 2 miles in 24 some odd minutes (hurray!)

But jogged for the full 25 minutes, so a little over 2 miles, then did 5 minute cool down. Waiting to totally cool down, then take a shower and a soak in the hot tub to soothe my poor legs.

Also, why the hell is jogging so much easier when your eyes are glued to a television show? I was like, “Oh, I’ll do a mile… But wait, the show is 22 minutes long. I’ll jog for 22 minutes… But wait, that’s just 3 minutes short of 2 miles, I’ll jog for 2 miles… But 2 miles isn’t quite 25 minutes, I’ll jog for the full 25 minutes. Oh, and don’t forget about 5 minute cool down. Looks like I’m going for 30 minutes.”

Shit just escalates lol.

Day 5

Same workout routine every day so far. It’s working for me. I want to spend more time on the treadmill, but I feel lik, maybe I shouldn’t. As much as it makes me feel better emotionally and physically, I feel my happiness shouldn’t rely on exercise.

I guess it’s fine for now. It’s not like it’s drugs and it doesn’t cost me anything, like shopping does. So there’s that.

Moving on. With my life. With everything.

By the way, good news, I’m being hired back full time for the summer.