Is there any way to change the pictures of half naked, or completely naked, perfect women on my dash to… I dunno… say… kittens or something?

Something less detrimental to my self-esteem.

When Shaun T. tells me to stick out my belly…


*focuses really hard, trying to relax abdominals after two months of learning to hold them tight constantly*

*finally gets them to relax*


That is the single most difficult, time consuming exercise. All for fucking breathing.

Fuck you, Shaun T., I can’t relax my abdominals anymore.

Posture/Core/Abs/Yoga trick

I have shitty posture from years of not exercising. So I slouch a lot. But I also sit at desks a lot as I’m both a student and an office worker. So I noticed that when I do yoga, I have excellent posture while sitting. Why? Because you rest your hands on your knees. It’s like a constant reminder to keep yourself upright with your abs pulled in.

So whatever you’re doing, if you have a free hand while sitting, rest it on your knee. 

I’m starting to think that this is important.